What are the mineral resources of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is regarded as one of the richest countries endowed with numerous mineral varieties. There are several mines in different parts of the country. The remote areas of Afghanistan have reserves of precious minerals and gemstones. The country ranks among the top 10 nations to supply a wide range of minerals to global clients. There are top-rated companies that extract and supply minerals from the country, in bulk quantities. The blog precisely discusses some of the distinct mineral resources of Afghanistan. Continue reading.

A huge repository of various minerals

As you might have got the idea from the introduction, Afghanistan boasts of a voluminous inventory of different kinds of minerals. Some of those are copper, oil, bauxite, lithium, zinc, gemstones, natural gas, gypsum, talc, and of course coal. If you search on the net from any Afghan locale typing the key terms ‘coal suppliers near me’, you will get our Company. It is among the reputable suppliers of different minerals to global clients.

Huge resources of Copper

Copper is considered to be among the major metals found in the voluminous Afghanistan mineral resources. A government report prepared by its Ministry of Mines and Petroleum clearly says the inventory to be a whopping 30-million tonnes! A recent survey by experts says that there are more 28.5 million copper deposits in various parts of the country. So, the total becomes nearly 60 million tonnes.

Iron Ore

Iron ore is one of the primary ingredients to manufacture steel. Steel industry regularly requires huge supply of iron ore. Afghanistan has 2.2 billion tonnes of good quality iron ore. The combined worth of the materials is more than $350 billion, according to the current market rates. Top mining companies assure a constant global supply of iron ore.

Rare Earth Minerals & Lithium

Afghanistan is also a rich source for rare earth minerals. There is also a huge volume of lithium, essential to make various types of batteries, in its mines. Several reports have said that Afghanistan has the potential to be the most important supplier of lithium, globally. It can be a game changer for automobile sector manufacturing Electric Vehicles. Recent estimates say the quantity of rare earth minerals are 1.4 million tonnes.


There is no denying the fact that Afghanistan is one of the most important countries having a huge inventory of different categories of gemstones. The northern parts of country, particularly the region of Badakhshan, are the primary areas where gemstones are mined. The country supplies various gemstones to rest of world, from emerald to lapis lazuli.

Crude oil and natural gas

Afghanistan is also known to be a country that has ample supply of crude oil and natural gas. It has huge reservoirs of oil.

Gather more information from a professional company

It is helpful to collect important details about the mineral resources of Afghanistan by talking to the experts of a professional mining company. The information can help you in placing an order. Also, you will get insights about lucrative business opportunities.

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