About Us

About Us

About Us

We have a top-notch team of skilful geologists with extensive expertise in mining and mineral processing. Our team is mainly based in Afghanistan. Our professionals consistently create more value for the clients in a planned and dedicated manner.


The process and application engineers who work under us have flawless understanding of a wide range of industrial processes, relevant in the sphere of mining. We are well-versed in designing and implementing mining solutions, in an advanced technological framework. We meet deadlines and never delay in delivering an order.


Afghanistan is incredibly rich in varieties of natural resources. The country has a whopping 3 Trillion USD of estimated natural resources, spread across its various regions. Mining is a highly profitable sector in Afghanistan. In future, it is touted to bring more revenues for the stakeholders, in a sustainable way.

As experts, we have comprehensive data base of all varieties of mineral resources in Afghanistan. The data is accurate and clean. We take a scientific approach to locate mineral deposits and use our network to mine them adhering to the requisite rules and regulations. Our company does not compromise on the quality front.


We are well-connected to different small and big mining corporations active in Afghanistan. We collaborate in various projects, concentrating on professional and efficient processes, maintaining the ethical standards of the industry. Our company has a dedicated sales and marketing office located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


We also offer complete range of services to investors, accounting for the existing Mining Law and Regulations. Our company is an expert in managing various aspects of government paperwork and documentation. We provide professional services in the field of mining survey, too. We are growing fast to become one of the most reputable mining and mineral exporting companies.