The Facts You Know About Your World Best Talc Quality

Talc is basically a chemical substance. It is a mineral. Its chemical name is magnesium silicate. There can be some substitutions of its chemical composition with other trace elements. It alters the characteristics and color of the substance. Talc has several practical uses in numerous industrial sectors.

Obtaining top quality talc

We expertly offer you the world best quality talc complying with global standards to the last detail. As professionals, we ensure no compromise with quality. You would be more than happy to get talc materials with standards par excellence.

Various shades of talc

We extract talc from well-spread rich Afghanistan mineral resources at various strategic locations. There are numerous shades of talc. Talc can be occasionally colorless, too. Generally, the hues of talc are green and white. There are some cases in which talc has grey and brown shades.

Best technologies used to mine

You can rely on our expertise as far as mining talc from the Afghanistan terrains is concerned. We are an emerging company with experienced professionals. As a top-rated miner and supplier of talc and other minerals, we apply a wide range of sophisticated technologies and machineries to perform the task.

The hardness of talc

It is helpful to know that talc is arguably the softest mineral known to man. It scores 1.0 in hardness on the Mohs scale. In recent years, the demand for top quality talc has increased significantly globally. More talc is mined regularly.

Other characteristics of talc

There are many features of superior quality talc. It has a fairly sparkling luster. Talc is mined in sheets just like mica. The mineral has a greasy feel. Talc is suitable to be molded for various purposes. Its softness is appropriate to conveniently mold it.

Several uses of talc

There are numerous uses of talc. For example, it is used in the plastics and ceramics industry. Also, it is one of the main ingredients in manufacturing paints. There are many cosmetics companies that use talc to manufacture various products. Talc is used in the rubber industry, too.

We deliver in bulk

You will never face any issues in placing a bulk order of delivering talc at any global location. We are experts in timely deliveries. Don’t hesitate to place a bulk order with us. We have full access to talc resources in various places in Afghanistan. You will not experience any problem in getting the mineral.

The prices are competitive

It is wise to keep in mind the rates of top quality talc. We assure you competitive prices, complying with global market norms. There will be no hidden costs. We believe in transparent deals. The rates we offer are reasonable from a practical viewpoint. The expense remains under your control. You don’t have to worry about it.

Contact us

You can get in touch with us to know more details about different attributes of superior quality talc. We would be delighted to promptly address your queries. You can write to us or give us a call.

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