5 Facts about Emerald Green Gemstone

Emerald is considered to be one of the most attractive gemstones available in the world. Afghanistan has recently appeared on the forefront as an emerging supplier of emerald. The stone has a sublime charming appearance. Its unique appeal never gets old. Emerald has impressed the elite and laymen alike. Usually, the stone is used to make different varieties of precious jewelries. The glitter of emerald is mesmerizing in the truest of senses. Do you want to know some basic yet interesting facts about emerald? Read on to collect more information.

Emerald is a beryl variety

The origin of the emerald stone is the mineral named beryl. It is a color-less mineral. Beryl forms the base of many other gemstone varieties, such as aquamarine and morganite. Afghanistan mineral resources have beryl in abundance, and so, it is not difficult for an emerging industrial minerals company. It uses an extensive range of advanced technologies and machineries to perform the task. Also, the company successfully meets the specific requirements of global clients in different locations.

Emerald gets its shade from trace elements

You might wonder from where emerald gets its shade. There is no mystery in it. The emerald green gemstone gets its color from trace amounts of chromium present in beryl. There might be a little amount of vanadium, too. Presence of these elements gives emerald its subtle shades of dazzling yet refined green. The shine is no doubt impeccable. It remains intact over the years.

Emerald of 1-carat is larger than diamond

When you compare a 1-carat emerald with a 1-carat diamond, the emerald will appear larger in size. Do you know why it is so? It is because the density of emerald is lower when compared to the density of diamond. The lower measure of density of the gemstone makes it appear larger. It is pretty satisfactory to flaunt a jewelry made of emeralds that have lower densities. The ornament can appear bigger in size and more prominent, reflecting brilliance of the highest order.

Emerald can be more valuable than diamond

You would be amazed to know that the price of a high-standard, elegant, and refined emerald can cost more than a diamond, when they both are same carats. The sheer magnificence of emerald is something one can’t ignore. It has an engaging glitter. Elite buyers with refined tastes regularly show interest in emerald jewelries. Hence, in many cases, emerald is a good competitor to diamond as far as choices of valuable ornaments are concerned.

Color is the most crucial factor

There are some distinct parameters that determine the value of an emerald. Clarity and cut of the gemstone are important. The carat weight is also a crucial parameter. But, the most significant parameter is the color of the gemstone. Emeralds that have a vivid, rich green color cost the most. Also, emeralds with subtle bluish-green shades have high price tags.

Talk to a minerals expert

It is wise to talk to a minerals expert to know more information about emeralds. Accordingly, you can place an order.

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